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Your booking with House Down South is subject to Terms and Conditions outlined below.   Before making a booking & paying a deposit it is your responsibility to have read & understood the Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right to change all or part of these Terms & Conditions at any time.


This contract is between the guest and the owner of the holiday property C/- House Down South.


1.1 Guests and invitees must adhere to these Terms and Conditions at all times. A breach by your invitees/guests will be considered a breach by you. A breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in, but is not limited to, you losing your bond (if applicable), being evicted from the premises, a deduction made from your credit card/debit card and a forfeit of all monies.

1.2 Please note that by making a booking and paying your deposit, you acknowledge and agree to abide by and comply with these Terms and Conditions as they stand now and at any stage during or after your stay. Our website will always display the most up to date version of these conditions and it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated on any changes. In case of any variation of booking conditions between us and an independent third party booking provider, the terms posted on this website will apply. The Terms and Conditions listed below were last updated on 10/09/21

1.3 The premises can only be used for residential purposes. If it is used for any event (such as a gathering or party) or other than as a residential premises (at our sole discretion), this will result in the immediate termination of the booking, removal of guest(s) and other occupants from the premises and other costs or expenses (including an extra cleaning fee) being charged to the guests credit card. If insufficient funds are available, the debt will be passed onto a debt collecting company or the courts for the debt plus recovery costs.

1.4 If any damage occurs, the premises will be repaired by us at the cost of the guest; whether it be due to accidental, negligence or wilful acts of the guest or the guest’s invitees. Any damage over the amount of $500 will result in a report lodged with the Police as malicious damage. You agree we are not required to issue you a tax invoice for any charges or repairs that have been claimed against you.

1.5 The person who makes/confirms a booking shall be deemed to have accepted the booking Terms and Conditions on behalf of all persons staying at the premises during the booking.

1.6 House Down South reserves the right to enter the premises during your stay for reasons.  Reasons may include: to attend to any maintenance and/or repairs or to ensure the security of the premises are maintained. And/or to check guest numbers.

1.7 House Down South has the right to revoke or refuse to honour any holiday accommodation booking at any time before or during the holiday rental period, which may in their opinion (and at their sole discretion) be unsuitable for the property.

1.8 Shire regulations allow holiday homes to be rented for accommodation purposes only and not as a function venue e.g., wedding or party.  None of our properties are “Party Homes”. Functions and gatherings are not permitted and, if confirmed, will be shut down immediately and treated as a serious breach (see 1.1)

1.9 We do not accept bookings for ‘Schoolies’, ‘Leavers’ or parties associated with this period of celebration.


Booking will be confirmed after all the following:

2.1 A booking request has been sent to and received by House Down South.

2.2 The deposit amount specified on the booking request form has been paid and received.

2.3 House Down South has dispatched a letter of confirmation for the booking request.

3.0         PAYMENTS

3.1 To secure this booking, a payment of 50% of the grand total is due within 1 day of confirmation of intention to book.

3.2 Any rent amounts payable must be fully settled 30 days prior to arrival. If that date has already passed, then payment must be fully settled within 1 days of confirmation of intention to book.

3.3 A refundable security bond is payable day before the arrival as either a debit or pre-authorisation on credit card. While it rarely occurs, the bond may be used to cover costs in the event damage or loss to the property, excessive cleaning etc. The refundable damage deposit must be fully settled 1 day  prior to arrival.  After your departure, an inspection of the premises will be carried out and the bond will be refunded to you, less the cost of any incidental items, fees and charges.  Bonds charged as a debit are usually refunded within 7 to 10 business days from departure.

3.4 We accept payment either by credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Maestro only) or bank transfer. We do not accept cash.

3.5 If you wish to make final payment via bank transfer, you must notify us in writing and transfer the money at least 10 business days prior to your final payments due date.


4.1 Payments are non-refundable, but exceptions may be considered at the manager’s sole discretion.

4.2 If written cancellation is received by House Down South before the final balance of tariff is due, the Guest will be released from the liability for the full balance.

4.3 If arrival date is more than 3 months from the cancellation notice, consideration may be given to allow the guest to transfer the booking (of the same house only) to another date, plus a transfer fee of $40.

4.4 If you decide to cancel between 3 months and 1 week of arrival, we will consider refunding your money minus a $120 admin/cancellation fee if we can rebook all your cancelled dates. If we cant rebook your cancelled dates you will likely forfeit all the booking value.

4.5 Where the Guest chooses to shorten their stay or reduce the number of guests in the booking, a refund, credit or transfer is not available for any unused portion of the booking.

4.6 House Down South recommends that the Guest take out comprehensive holiday cancellation and protection insurance with a reputable company to cater for any unforeseen circumstances.

4.7 In the event of unforeseen circumstances where a booking cannot proceed, House Down South reserves the right to cancel a booking providing a refund as required.

4.8 COVID-19 Travel Restrictions:

4.8.1 If travel bans are in place in Perth region/ Southwest WA on your arrival date we offer the opportunity to cancel and rebook to dates of your choice free of any cancellation fees.  In this case you must stay within 12 months of the original booking.  If the travel bans are still in place in southwest WA by that new date we will move the dates again as previously described.

4.8.2 If there’s no travel bans in the Southwest, but you want to cancel because you or some of your guests from another state or country cant make it due to travel bans, your money will be refunded, minus an $80 cancellation fee, only if we can rebook your cancelled dates.  If we cant rebook your cancelled dates, the money you have paid to that point will be forfeited.

4.8.3 Bookings from international travellers (excluding New Zealand, dependent on current border restrictions) are not yet accepted, until the Australian international borders have officially re-opened or unless you hold an exemption to enter Australia.


5.1 The standard check-in time is 3PM and standard check-out time is by 10AM.  We can sometimes arrange earlier check-in and later check-out times if requested and it fits in with cleaning schedules.


6.1 Be courteous and considerate toward neighbours and maintain noise at a reasonable levels.

6.2 Quiet hours are between 10pm and 8am.

6.3 The guest is responsible for the property during their stay and shall take all reasonable actions to keep the house secure, clean and tidy and in good condition including utensils, fixtures, fittings and equipment inside and outside.

6.4 There shall be no smoking inside the property by the occupant or the occupant’s guests at any time.

6.5 Total number of occupants will not exceed the number stated on your rental agreement. If there are more people than declared at the property upon check in, or any time during your stay, we reserve the right to terminate your booking without prior notice and all rental and bond monies paid will be forfeited.

6.6 Tents, boat, campers, caravans, swags, sleeping bags are not permitted on or to be used at the property during a booking.

6.7 Please make sure the bins are ready by the side of the road on the night before bin collection day which is stated in the information folder.

6.8 Excess waste/bottles etc are to be removed from the property to avoid a collection charge and dump fees.
6.9 Notify the agent of any issues or complaints as soon as is possible.

6.10 Furniture is not to be moved and only outdoor furniture is to be used outdoors
6.11 Abide by any order issued by police or any regulatory authority and refrain from engaging in any illegal, drunken, offensive or obscene behaviour.

6.12 Guest/s shall ensure that the property is left clean and tidy when vacating. All cooking tools, crockery and utensils are washed and placed back in the cupboards. All furniture must be left in the same position as it was upon arrival. Charges will be made for any additional cleaning or relocating of furniture on the property.

6.13 BBQ cleaned and gas turned off after use.  If you use the BBQ, there will be a $50 cleaning charge deducted from your bond if you do not clean it before departing.

6.14 Guests must not sleep on couches or in any other areas apart from in beds supplied. If additional bedding is required you must order organise this through House Down South.

6.15 This property is located in a bushfire prone area where the risk of a bushfire is higher than within urban areas. Please review the Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan (BEEP) in case you need to evacuate quickly.


7.1 Guests below the age of 18 must be supervised by at least one adult older than 18 years.

7.2 Extra fees will apply and be deducted from your bond if you exceed the number of guests stated on your booking form or if people below the age of 18 are not supervised overnight. Maximum numbers of guests are regulated by the short stay permits issued by the local Shire.

7.3 Guests must be 18 or older to make a booking with us.

8.0         PETS

8.1 Dogs are not permitted at properties that are not advertised as pet friendly.

8.2 For our pet friendly properties, most breeds of dog are welcome, but guests must disclose what breed they intend to bring before House Down South will consider approval. Guests require written approval from House Down South.

8.3 If you have been given permission to bring a dog, please ensure you apply the pet related conditions below.

8.3.1 Your dog is allowed inside the house but may not jump or stay on the furniture or go into the bedrooms.

8.3.2 Dogs are not to be left inside the house whilst you are out.

8.3.3 Please bring along your dog’s bedding and bowls.

8.3.4 When vacating the property, please ensure that the property is left clean and that all the dog’s dribble (usually left on the glass doors), fur and poo is removed.

8.4 An additional cleaning cost of $50 will be deducted from the bond if guests do not clean up after their pets before departing.


9.1 Bedroom linen, bedding, tea towels, hand towels, bath mats and bathroom towels are provided at the property unless otherwise stated. Beach towels are not provided.

9.2 If we discover that additional people stayed during your booking, guest surcharge will be deducted from your bond. The amount will be at our discretion.

9.3 Properties are self-contained and are not serviced daily. Should you require additional services please contact us prior to your arrival and we will be happy to arrange this for you (charges will apply).


10.1 The Guest is responsible for their own travel/health insurance.

10.2 Neither the Owner or Manager shall be held responsible in any way for accidental injury, death or damage/loss to personal effects of the Guest.

10.3 Use of the property, its contents, equipment and facilities are at your own risk
10.4 You will be held responsible for any damage, breakages, theft or loss of any property on or in the premises during your stay (including keys). If any property is affected in this manner, you will be responsible for all related costs for the repair or replacement of the affected property. By making your booking and paying a deposit you authorise our Agency to deduct these costs from your bond (if any) and/or charge your credit card accordingly.
10.5 House Down South nor the owner of the premises takes any responsibility for the loss or theft of your personal property on or off the premises.

10.6 In the event of faults and/or malfunctions of appliances or inclusions, there is no obligation from the owner or agent to compensate or discount. We will accept no responsibility for any inconvenience caused by machinery breakdown however we will do our very best to repair or replace the item.

10.7 The owner or holiday management company shall not accept liability for any matter or occurrences beyond their control including damage caused by extreme weather conditions break down of appliances, wiring, plumbing, invasion of pests, or any act or omission on the part of the Owner causing loss, accidents or injury to the guest or their visitors.

10.8 House Down South does not accept liability for finding or returning lost property. It is the responsibility of guests to check before departure that personal belongings have not been left in the house.

11.0       EVICTIONS

House Down South and or our contractors reserve the right to immediately evict any guest, visitor or member of the public for the following (but not limited to) reasons:

11.1 Intoxication and/or unsavoury/lewd behaviour;

11.2 Throwing objects off any balcony, spitting or vomiting over the balconies, wilful damage to the premises, physical or verbal abuse/assault of our staff, other guests, residents, members of the public on or around the premises,

11.3 behaviour deemed as a potential safety threat to others,

11.4 any breach of these Terms and Conditions



12.1 All marketing material for the property is true and correct at the time of publishing but may change without notice.

12.2 The owner or holiday management company shall not accept liability in the event that the guest considers the property to be unsuitable for any reason whatsoever.



13.1 A credit card processing fee of 1.95% is charged when a credit card is used.
13.2 Any lost keys will incur a replacement fee of $50 per key. Should this happen during your stay you must advise your property manager immediately

13.3 House Down South deems children as being under 14 years of age and infants being under 2 years of age. A maximum of 1 additional infant may stay at the property included in the normal nightly tariff per night for no additional charge (if you supply their bedding/cot). If there are two infants required to stay at the property you must advise us of this at the time of booking, additional charges apply and this must be confirmed with our Agency in advance, in writing.

13.4 The attachment of electronic games and devices to the television/DVD system is permitted but the system must be returned to its original state before departing. If we are required to reset the system to its original state after you depart, a $40 fee will be deducted from your bond.

13.5 A minimum charge of $33 plus the cost of post and packaging (paid in advance by credit card) will apply if any lost property has to be returned to guests.

13.6 If the property requires more than a standard clean following your departure, we will charge you a special cleaning fee to cover the reasonable cost of additional cleaning of the premises that is required as a result of your occupancy.  This cost will be at the discretion of House Down South. You agree that we are not required to issue you with a tax invoice in this case.